August 14th is the annual Fiesta Blanca, which usually takes place on El Salon beach, Nerja, from 21:00 to 03:00. There have been a few occasions when alternative locations - Burriana, El Chucho and Torrecilla - have been tried with varying degrees of success or, in one case, abject (and laughable) failure. Torrecilla beach, although not technically tidal, displays all the attributes of being tidal, the sea seriously encroaching upon the sands, so it surprised, nay stunned, everyone when some bright spark in the local authority decided to place a stage on the sand and at the end which suffers the most. Needless to say it ended up under water and the fiesta had to be cancelled! Gave us a good laugh anyway.
The basic idea is to dress all in white and have a good time on the beach, with music and drink to help things along. It was originally added to the festive calendar in 2007 merely because there was not much else happening fiesta-wise during the month of August. A good a reason as any.

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